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Arthur campbell
Arthur Campbell
Affiliations: CIA, National Clandestine Service
McQuaid Security
Occupation(s): Navy Officer (formerly)
Director of the National Clandestine Service (formerly)
McQuaid Security's Chief Intelligence Officer
Relatives: Joan Campbell (wife),
Teo Braga (son), McKenzie Campbell (son),
Gina (ex wife),
Ana Sofia (ex girlfriend, Teo's mother)
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Actor: Peter Gallagher

Arthur Campbell is the former Director of the National Clandestine Service. He is married to Joan Campbell.


Not much is known about Arthur's life before he became the Director of the National Clandestine Service except that he attended Annapolis and that he was a member of the Navy prior to joining the CIA.  

Personal Life[]

Anna Sofia[]

During his time in the Navy, he and Anna met and fell in love. After he left, she learned that she was pregnant. Due to his leaving, her parents refused to let him try to marry her. He would come to see his son, Teo when she was alive. She is murdered in bombings, long thought to be the work of the ALC terrorist group, until "I've Been Waiting for You" when Eduardo admits that it wasn't them but the work of Henry Wilcox.


At some point in time they were married and their relationship ended prior to season one of the show.


In the beginning of the series, their relationship is contentious. They are in couples therapy and they often disagree on how to direct operations and deal with their agents. Despite this they do deeply love each other and they have a young son named MacKenzie Campbell.