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SkatesFan SkatesFan 8 April 2014

Amy Jo Johnson joing the cast

Amy Jo Johnson, who starred in Flashpoint and Felicity, has joined USA Network's globe-trotting spy drama in a recurring capacity, The Hollywood Reporter has learned exclusively.

Johnson will play Hayley, a National Counter Terrorism Center investigator who knows how to stand her ground. A persistent woman who's an expert at taking control, Hayley goes head-to-head with Auggie (Christopher Gorham).

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Wanderer23 Wanderer23 18 December 2012

What up with Wiki-navigation toolbar

Hi, I am new and I just love Covert Affair, but I notice that this site Wiki-navigation toolbar is mess a little and can't find who in admin is currently here that active. I have setup that some might like, its just need to go MediaWiki:Wiki-navigation

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Erinsmclaughlin Erinsmclaughlin 23 November 2012

Annie and Auggie

I've been a Covert Affairs fan for a very long time. I am also a diehard AnnieXAuggie shipper, which has had its frustrating moments. Which is probably why I happily sighed, "FINALLY!" at the end of the winter finale. That kiss has been a very, very long time coming. I feel like I've been watching two of my best friends go through so many failed relationships only to realize they're meant to be with each other. I just hope my favorite couple can make it.

What's everyone else's thoughts on the couple? If you disagree with me about Annie and Auggie, then who should she be with and why?

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Kate.moon Kate.moon 6 June 2011

Covert Affairs x White Collar

Could there be a crossover between White Collar and Covert Affairs, the two popular USA summer shows? Apparently, there could! The two stars of the hit summer series, Matt Bomer and Piper Perabo expressed interest, according to Digital Spy:

"I keep trying to get them to write a crossover!" said Perabo, who stars as CIA agent Annie Walker on Covert Affairs. "It's going to happen," insisted White Collar's Bomer, who plays Neal Caffrey.

Considering how both revolve around the spy genre, perhaps it's not such a strange idea...Neal Caffrey and Annie Walker would make a stellar team! Both shows will premiere tomorrow on USA at 8/9c and 9/10c so be sure to catch them!

21:47, June 6, 2011 (UTC)
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Kate.moon Kate.moon 31 May 2011

New Characters for Covert Affairs

Summer season is fast approaching! Now that fall shows have wrapped up, it's time to turn our eyes to our favorite summer shows, including Covert Affairs! There's some new casting scoops to add to our favorite characters like Annie and Auggie!

Recently, TVLine announced that Rebecca Mader of Lost will be joining the cast. She will be playing a flight attendant named Franka, whom Auggie will meet during a mission. It sounds like there's more to her than meets the eye...

Are you excited for the return of Covert Affairs? Tell us in the comments!

18:05, May 31, 2011 (UTC)
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