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Calder michaels 01
Calder Michaels
Affiliations: CIA
Occupation(s): Acting Director of Clandestine Services
Director of the Domestic Protection Division(formerly)
CIA Station Chief (formerly)
Status: Alive
Actor: Hill Harper

Calder Michaels is an ambitious Colombia CIA station chief who had a run in with Annie Walker and Auggie Anderson when they went to Columbia to check information regarding secretly funding a Colombian terror group.


After Joan Campbell was promoted to DCS, Henry Wilcox pulled strings for Michaels to take over as head of the DPD from Auggie who was acting as the interim head.

Michaels gradually discovers that Henry Wilcox was corrupt and eventually decides to work with Annie to take him down. He helped Annie fake her death and acted as her handler when she was deep undercover as Jessica Matthews.

Calder quickly became a rising star at the agency after Wilcox’s corruption was exposed. He was assigned to oversee the mission to apprehend Henry Wilcox and was later promoted to acting Director of Clandestine Services after his boss committed suicide. Michaels was chosen to continue working at acting DCS over Joan because of her maternity leave and relationship with Arthur.

He never received the full promotion to DCS or given over overt status because of the periods were worried about his illicit relationship with an escort.