Claire Pierson
Claire Pierson
Affiliations: US Senate
Occupation(s): United States Senator
Relatives: Danielle Brooks (sister)
Auggie Anderson (boyfriend)
Simon Fischer (ex-boyfriend)
Ben Mercer (ex-boyfriend)
Eyal Lavin (love interest)
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Actor: Kate Trotter

Senator Claire Pierson is a United States Senator from maryland who services on the Senate Intelligence Committee. She was a recurring character in Season Four and Season Five.

Season Four Edit

During Joan Campbell’s candidacy hearings for the Director of Clandestine Services Pierson questioned Joan’s competency for the job due to the assassination of Jai Wilcox,the attempted assassination on Annie Walker by Lena Smith and her husband’s alleged affair. Later Joan acquired and delivered compromising photos of the Senator and she was forced to recuse herself from the candidacy hearings.

Later when information about Teo Braga being a terrorist circulated Senator Pierson personally worked to suspend Joan from her positionas the Director of Clandestine Services. She reveled in the opportunity ecstatic that Joan finally got her comeuppance

Season FiveEdit

Senator Pierson was present at a hearing in which Calder Michaels with called in to testify about the bombing of the CIA’s Chicago field office. When Calder got angry and demanded to leave she suggested that the committee go into recess for lunch. The Chicago bombing made her want to privatize the national intelligence apparatus.

Later Senator Pierson had a campaign fundraiser where a number of players in the intelligence community tried to lobby her for her support and funding. She was convinced by Arthur Campbell to award government contracts to McQuaid Security.

In the series finale Arthur Campbell learns that Senator Pierson is stepping down at the end of her term and the chair of her party asks Arthur to consider running for her seat.