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When all media outlets go out for several minutes in D.C, the hack was traced back to a hacker from Auggie's past. The hacker turns out to be none other than Auggies ex-girlfriend, Natasha Petrovna. Once he found this out, his exictment was gone and protested the assignment, saying that she wouldn't deal with him. Auggie was forced by the CIA to attempt to aquire the hack code from Natasha. Upon meeting her, he reveals to her that he was blind. Auggie comes clean to Natasha that he was CIA and that was the reason for their breakup. After discovering that Natasha was wanted by the russian mafia, Auggie went on the run and abandoned the CIA. Meanwhile, Annie and Jai are tasked to track him down, leading them to Canada on his trail. Along the way, Auggie and Natasha evade the FBI and rekindle their relationship. After Auggie fights off two russians, he and Natasha part ways as the FBI closes in. At the end, Joan and Auggie discuss how close Auggie was to leaving the CIA for good.

Meanwhile throughout the episode, Annie discovers that Auggie is sleeping with Liza Hearn, the reporter bad talking the CIA. Annie believes Auggie to be the mole that the DPD has been hunting for several months, Auggie explains that he is working her to find out who her source in the DPD is, claiming it is the closest to field work he's gotten. Auggie was fearful that if Joan found out, she would give the assignment to Jai and he would be behind a desk again.


the name of this episode 'Communication Breakdown' is a reference to a Led Zeppelin song



Auggie: There was a metro-wide communication shutdown today. No cable, no Internet, no cellular network. And I bet the satellite array was down for ten minutes. Joan: That's classified. It was more like 15.

  • Jai: I found some pictures of you up on the internet.

Annie: What? So you've got an Annie Walker Google alert now? Are you Cyber stalking me?

Jai: Actually, personnel sent me the link. They'd like you to take them down for security purposes.

  • Annie: What's that?

Auggie: Nothing. Annie: Solo board games?

Auggie: Don't touch that. I'm playing an Internet game with a girl from Brazil. Well... At least I think she's a girl. At least I think it's Brazil.