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Crackity Jones (#CA407)
First Aired: August 27, 2013
Writer: Tamara Becher-Wilkinson
Director: Emile Levisetti
Guest Starring:
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Annie recognizes an old photo of Helen (Michelle Ryan) as Teresa, the woman who was delivering Arthur's payments to Teo. Confronted, Arthur explains that Helen's apparent death was an elaborate ruse on her part and that she now works for him on weapons proliferation. Helen visits Auggie and explains that she needed to be independent of him to continue in the CIA. Helen has learned that Stavros' missing launchers were diverted by an Interpol official working with Henry, and she and Annie are sent to Lyon by Arthur to try to buy them back. When Henry shows up there, Helen urges Annie to abort the mission and then rescues her from a setup when she tries to pursue the deal anyway. Barber and another tech decode an image from Seth's flash drive for Auggie, and it shows that Henry was in Colombia with Eduardo, a terrorist linked to Teo. Calder determines that Annie lied about who killed Stavros. When Annie returns to Washington, she and Auggie suspend their romantic relationship. .

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