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Danielle 01.jpg
Danielle Brooks
Occupation(s): Caterer
Relatives: Annie Walker (sister)
Michael Brooks (husband)
Chloe Brooks (daughter)
Katia Brooks (daughter)
Status: Alive
Actor: Anne Dudek

Danielle Brooks is Annie Walker's sister. She is married, has two daughters and lets Annie live in her guest house. She initially doesn't know about Annie's job, which creates a lot of tension between them, like when Annie isn't sure she can sign a will to be the guardian of Danielle's children, or when Annie loses a three-hundred-dollar carry on during a mission. Danielle fights with her sister occasionally, but they always make up, and seem to really care for each other.

Danielle is a responsible mom and balances her husband's high-powered career. She loves her family, which is probably why she's always trying to get Annie to follow suit. She sets Annie up on countless dates (which Annie hates), and believes that Annie needs to move on from her whirlwind Sri Lankan romance with Ben Mercer.

Annie eventually chose to read Danielle in, following the death of one of her assets that lead to a potential threat to the family. Danielle, hurt and upset that Annie lied, eventually asks her to move out. The two have since begun to build their relationship back up and were on good terms when Danielle decided to move to California because of Michael's job. She remains close to Annie and, before she leaves, tells her she'll miss worrying about her little sister all the time. Because of this, she's been dropped to recurring status. It is unclear when or if we will see her again.