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Dead (#CA411)
First Aired: October 17, 2013
Writer: Thania St. John
Director: Christine Moore
Guest Starring:
Previous Episode: Levitate Me
Next Episode: Something Against You


Annie changes her appearance and travels to Geneva, where she rents an apartment and join's Sana's grief support group. After a few weeks, Sana has befriended her and given her a job with her fiance's consulting firm. But one of that firm's potential clients turns out to be "Goodman", the agent of Henry's who framed Teo for the helicopter attack. He recognizes Annie, but she is able to attack and subdue him before he can text Henry. As she is loading Goodman into the trunk of his car, Sana stops her at gunpoint. Annie at least temporarily convinces Sana to work with her, and they bring Goodman to Annie's apartment. She begins an enhanced interrogation while Goodman mocks her technique. As she is about to escalate to electric shock, Sana interrupts the interrogation and inadvertently allows Goodman to escape, until he is fatally shot in the ensuing fight with Annie. Annie and Sana then clean the apartment and flee. Meanwhile, in Washington, only Calder and Auggie know that Annie is still alive, and they plot to drive a wedge between Henry and the new DCS, Braithwaite. Joan returns to work in an obscure CIA office, and Arthur is released to house arrest to be with her. 

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  • Annie's a new name after fake her death is Jessica Matthews.