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Dig For Fire (#CA402)
First Aired: July 23, 2013
Writer: Stephen Hootstein
Director: Félix Alcalá
Guest Starring:
Previous Episode: Vamos
Next Episode: Into the White


After a somewhat revealing conversation with Arthur, Annie meets with Henry and then follows him to the offices of an oil company whose operations in Colombia have been a target of Teo's group. Auggie and Annie determine that Seth, Joan's old flame and recovery acquaintance, was part of a phone conversation with Henry and the oil people. Seth is also attempting to romance Joan, who has just learned that she is pregnant. Arthur admits to Annie and Auggie that the alleged affair is a ruse to protect Joan from involvement in Arthur's problems, but Auggie knows more about this than he is yet telling Annie. Annie breaks into Seth's apartment when he is on a date with Joan, but when Joan cuts the date short Seth returns and finds her. In the resulting fight Seth falls off a bridge and apparently drowns. Joan confronts Arthur with both her pregnancy and her conclusion that the affair never happened. Annie meets again with Henry, who asks her to return to Colombia and kill Teo before he again attacks "American interests".

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