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Eric Braithwaite.png
Eric Braithwaite
Affiliations: CIA, National Clandestine Service
Occupation(s): Navy Officer (formerly)
Intern Director of the National Clandestine Service (formerly)
Status: Deceased
Actor: Craig Eldridge

Eric Braithwaite is the former Intern Director of the National Clandestine Service. Braithwaite worked closely with Arthur Campbell when he was the DCS. After Arthur stepped down he competed with Joan Campbell to replace him. After Joan received the promotion Braithwaite became bitter towards the Campbells and work to sabotage them. After Henry Wilcox worked to remove Joan from her position, Braithwaite was finally received the promotion to the position. Braithwaite became very friendly with Wilcox unaware of his corruption and decided to have the CIA retain the consulting services of Lexington Global Consulting and Risk Management. He proved to be a very unconfident leader having to consult Wilcox whenever he with forced to make a important call. After Henry Wilcox’s full corruption was revealed Braithwaite chose to take his own life due to his guilt and potential fallout from the situation.