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Glass Spider (#CA308)
First Aired: September 4, 2012
Writer: Zak Schwartz
Director: Stephen Kay
Guest Starring:
Previous Episode: Loving the Alien
Next Episode: Suffragette City


At the safe house, Auggie and Annie discover that Jai was investigating Simon Fischer. Auggie tells everyone that Simon is in DC. Annie confesses her involvement with Simon to Arthur and Joan, and proposes that she meet with him and ask him to surrender to the CIA. At the meeting, Simon identifies and shoots an assassin (who later commits suicide to avoid capture). As he and Annie flee, he turns down her offer and escapes. Annie recognizes the assassin as having been present when Jai was killed. Annie goes home where she finds Simon, who proposes that they both flee to a remote island. She initially accepts, but just as she is reconsidering, Lena arrives and shoots both Annie and Simon.

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