Good Advices (#CA202)
First Aired: June 14, 2011
Writer: Stephen Hootstein
Director: Ken Girotti
Guest Starring: Helena Soubeyrand,

Roger Douche,Scott Yamamura,
Karine Ricard,Carolyn Scott,
Farzad Sadrian,Geoffrey Sethi,
Olivier L'Ecuyer,Darryl Dinn,
Hubert Boorder,Pass Neglia,
Roshan Amendra

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While trying to win over a secretary working at the Syrian embassy in Paris into an CIA asset, Annie crosses paths with an old acquaintance, Mossad agent Eyal Lavin who tries to gain her as an asset as well.

Full RecapEdit

It's Annie's birthday and Auggie is back with the team. Joan skips the cake and gives Annie her next orders. Annie gets excited when she hears Paris is the destination. She's to cultivate an asset named Salma Devrient who works at the Syrian embassy.

On her quest to cultivate Salma into an asset, Annie must follow her throughout Paris: museums, streets and shoe stores. After "obtaining" an identical $7,000 dollar handbag, Annie does a simple bag switch to find any intel Salma might be carrying on her person.

With a little patience, Annie gets a call from Salma to arrange a meeting to exchange the bags. At a café, the two end up bonding over good wine and Annie discovers Salma is seeing a man named George. That evening, Annie invites Salma to a black-tie event at the Louvre. There, they both get an unexpected surprise as she continues to manipulate Salma into an asset.

Back in Langley, Joan isn't happy about Annie's spending spree in Paris. She pushes Annie to stay focused because the Agency has intelligence that a Syrian national named Chemical Kanaan has entered the country. He's no friend to a peaceful world and he's at the top of an international wanted list. Salma might be the key to finding him.


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