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Half a World Away(#CA207)
First Aired: July 19, 2011
Writer: Julia Ruchman
Director: Félix Alcalá
Guest Starring: Rebecca Mader
Previous Episode: The Outsiders
Next Episode: Welcome to the Occupation


Auggie is aided by a flight attendant while on his vacation to the international jazz festival in Istanbul. His trip turns into a mission when he inadvertently records the voice of the man who injured him during the war in Iraq. Annie later learns the whole story of Auggie's blindness.


Main characters[]

Piper Perabo as Annie Walker

Christopher Gorham as Auggie Anderson

Kari Matchett as Joan Campbell

Anne Dudek as Danielle Brooks

Peter Gallagher as Arthur Campbell

Recurring characters and Guest Cast[]

Noam Jenkins as Vincent Rossabi

Rebecca Mader as Franka

Patrick Sabongui as Nasir

Jeff Pangman as Billy

Caleb McMullen as Chris

Michael Xavier as Jason

Jessica Embro as Female Officer

Sterling Jarvis as General Oubash

Bahareh Yaraghi as Leyla

Al Maini as Goatherd

Shant Srabian as Jack of Diamonds

Anoush NeVart as VO Actor