Hang On to Yourself (#CA301)
First Aired: July 10, 2012
Writer: Matt Corman & Chris Ord
Director: Allan Kroeker
Guest Starring:
Previous Episode: Letter Never Sent
Next Episode: Sound and Vision


When Jai is killed by a car bomb, Auggie is put in charge of his department, Office of Special Projects and Annie is reassigned to Lena, a new, less orthodox boss, who sends her to Marrakech after Simon Fischer, a mysterious Russian-born English businessman. Annie calls Lena to update her on her progress, adding that German tourists who approached her and Simon seemed more like a part of a plan. Lena agrees to Annie's request for a sweep drive. In Simon's hotel room, she uses the sweep drive and is looking at the passports for the German tourists she has found when he enters the room. She decides to join him in the shower, as a distraction, while a televised news report announces that the two German tourists have been found dead. Back home, Auggie also hears the news and receives some of Jai's files, one of which bears the symbol which is tattooed on Simon's back.

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