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Hang Wire (#CA409)
First Aired: September 10, 2013
Writer: Stephen Hootstein
Director: Jamie Barber
Guest Starring:
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Annie follows Teo to Copenhagen, where Henry is attending a conference, and disrupts Teo's attempt to assassinate him. She is held by Danish authorities and then suddenly released, to be picked up by Henry and shown his full plan for revenge on Arthur. Henry's men have captured Teo and have one of the missing missile launchers; they use it to destroy a helicopter with six aboard (including an American official) in a way that makes it appear that Teo fired it. In DC, Arthur consults a lawyer about his plan to come clean about Teo. She says that he may escape treason charges as long as Teo's terrorist activities have not resulted in the death of any Americans. Calder tells Auggie that he wants to learn the truth from him rather than turn him in for evidence tampering. They return to CIA headquarters where Auggie helps decrypt the flash drive. Calder is surprised to see the photo of Henry and Eduardo, and Auggie and Joan conclude that he is not working for Henry after all. Annie helps Teo escape from Denmark, but he is shot in the thigh. She drives him to a US base in Germany, where Arthur meets them, but the doctors are unable to save Teo. Rather than return to DC, Annie remains in Germany to find out what Henry is doing there.

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