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Hayley Price is a recurring character introduced in the Season 5 second episode False Skorpion. She is an official from the National Counter-Terrorism Center (NCTC), tasked by the Director of National Intillegence to review the bombed CIA office in Chicago. Auggie holds a disdainful attitude towards Hayley at first, stating that with her Yankee White clearance should tell her that Annie Walker has sacrificed much for the CIA. Hayley stands her ground, informing Auggie that she is not just some paper-pusher.

Towards the end of the episode, both of them are in a bar with Hayley disgusted with some fratboy. Auggie buys her a tequila. Afterwards, both of them are drunk and Hayley and Auggie make out with her stripping off his shirt and un-buttoning his trousers. She tells Auggie, "I like to be in charge if that's okay."[1] It was stated in the following episode Unseen Power of the Picket Fence that the two of them had sex.

Hayley and Auggie continue to date through later episodes. Hayley discovers Annie's heart condition, but is convinced by Auggie not to inform the CIA. When Auggie rekindles his relationship with Natasha Petrovna, he continues to date Hayley to make sure she doesn't tell the agency about Annie's condition. Unbeknownst to Auggie, Hayley witnesses Natasha's departure, including the kiss they share before she leaves. She is visibly hurt by Auggie's betrayal, as she cared about him very much, telling Auggie that she thought they had "something very special." Angry that Auggie had lied and cheated on her, she immediately informs DCS Calder Michaels of Annie's heart condition, resulting in her removal from the field and getting assigned a desk job.

She is later seen entering offices of the Director of National Intelligence as Annie rushes out to meet with an asset. She apologies to Annie for exposing her secret, saying it was her job. Annie leaves, and Hayley tells the Deputy Director of National Intelligence that Annie had just left when he comes out looking for her.

Hayley is portrayed by famous actress Amy Jo Johnson.