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Here Comes Your Man (#CA405)
First Aired: August 13, 2013
Writer: Hank Chilton
Director: Sylvain White
Guest Starring:
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Auggie learns that Henry was behind Calder's promotion. Calder sends Annie to Vienna to establish a business relationship with an arms dealer named Stavros, replacing Auggie with himself as her handler and forbidding the two lovers to communicate. Annie proceeds with Calder's plan to buy some missile launchers from Stavros, until she aborts the mission when she finds Calder's proposed "terrorist buyer" to be inadequate. Stavros sends his man to kill her, but she is rescued by Teo, who was notified by Auggie on his secret untraceable phone. Annie offers Teo as a buyer and the deal is concluded, but Teo then kills Stavros and his man, destroys the secret phone, and leaves, possibly with some of the launchers. Annie tells Calder she killed the men in self-defense. Back in Washington, her reunion with Auggie is interrupted by Henry, who requests a meeting to tell Annie that Seth's body has been found. 

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