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I've Been Waiting for You (#CA408)
First Aired: September 3, 2013
Writer: Julia Ruchman
Director: J. Miller Tobin
Guest Starring:
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Auggie is able to locate Teo in Scotland with his new tracking system. Annie meets with him and convinces him to meet with Arthur in Virginia; they are far from reconciled but agree to work together. Calder asks Joan for permission to investigate Annie, and she responds by transferring Annie to work directly for her. The plan is for Annie to move Eduardo from one CIA prison to another in Indiana, using Joan's authorization, placing Eduardo and Teo together in the back of a van to elicit information. Calder arrives to question Eduardo, just after Annie has left with him and added Teo to the back of the van. Eduardo says that Henry has been funding the ALC for years and arranged the bombing that killed Teo's mother. Suddenly an unknown driver forces the van to crash and begins shooting. Teo and Annie escape separately and Eduardo is apparently killed in an explosion. Annie returns to DC to find her new apartment ransacked by the CIA. She warns Auggie, who is able only to wipe his hard drives before Calder and a large team arrive. They find his safe, containing Seth's real flash drive, and Calder takes Auggie away for questioning.

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