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Into the White (#CA403)
First Aired: July 30, 2013
Writer: Julia Ruchman
Director: Stephen Kay
Guest Starring:
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Arthur tells Annie that he has been running Teo as an unauthorized double agent within the ALC terror organization. Annie agrees to take Teo an "exit package" to help him leave Colombia. Teo refuses it in a brief meeting, but Annie is able to put a tracking device on him. This allows CIA Colombia station chief Calder Michaels (Hill Harper) to organize an assault on an ALC base, capture Teo, and bring him to a black site where he interrogates him about a coming ALC bomb attack. Teo will not talk to Michaels or to Annie and manages to escape, but Annie has determined the target. She finds Teo with a sniper rifle, watching the hotel where an oil company meeting is about to occur. He now claims to be still loyal to the CIA; Annie trusts him enough to let him fire the sniper rifle, killing an ALC operative in an explosive vest. Annie agrees to run him as a mole within the international terror world, and as a show of good faith he gives her the names of two money launderers in Washington. Meanwhile, Auggie tells Joan about Seth's apparent death. Joan cleans Seth's apartment of evidence of the fight with Annie, and also opens Seth's safe to find compromising pictures of a hostile senator, allowing her to win confirmation as the new DCS.

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