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Lady Stardust (#CA316)
First Aired: November 20, 2012
Writer: Matt Corman & Chris Ord
Director: Renny Harlin
Guest Starring:
Previous Episode: Quicksand
Next Episode: Vamos


The cell phone rings and it is Khalid, who is holding Eyal and offers to release him in exchange for the names of all CIA assets within his father's company. Annie is ready to comply but calls Auggie for advice, leaving a voicemail. Auggie suddenly arrives in Amsterdam and devises a successful plan to free Eyal without giving up the information. As all three are on their way to a waiting ship, Arthur and Joan tell Annie that the Saudi and Dutch governments have agreed to allow Khalid to leave for Saudi Arabia, where he will be untouchable. They tell her exactly when and where he will leave, which Annie interprets as instructions to kill Khalid first. She sneaks away from Auggie and Eyal with a gun, but when she finds Khalid she holds him at gunpoint and gives him information that will set him at deadly odds with his father. Annie and Eyal part on good terms, with Eyal planning to retire to sailing in Greece. Back in Washington, Henry attends the declassification ceremony for Jai and then meets with Annie at the cafe where Jai was killed. He enlists Annie in some unknown project which she agrees to after seeing a secret file. Later, arriving at Annie's house, Auggie kisses Annie.

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