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Levitate Me (#CA410)
First Aired: September 17, 2013
Writer: Matt Corman & Chris Ord
Director: Félix Alcalá
Guest Starring:
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In the wake of the missile attack and Teo's death, Arthur is brought back to DC and placed in custody, Joan is relieved of duty as DCS, Annie is a fugitive in Germany, and Calder is sent with a team to bring Annie back. She is able to reach Frankfurt, evade pursuit, and discover that Henry had dinner with a woman there on his way to Copenhagen. But Henry's man kills the head of Calder's team; the CIA believe Annie did it and reclassify her as a rogue, to be met with deadly force. Henry is brought into the CIA building as a consultant at the urging of the senator Joan earlier blackmailed. Auggie attacks him and is led out of the building. Auggie and Joan (the latter in the hospital with preeclampsia) learn that the woman Henry met with was Sana, his ex-wife and Jai's mother. Annie is able to meet with Calder alone on a rooftop and asks for his help. He lets her escape and tells his team and the CIA that she is going to attack a particular floor of a bank. When she does so, he intercepts her elevator and apparently shoots her, telling the CIA she is dead. As she is moved out, Henry's man checks her pulse and believes her dead. She is loaded onto a hearse driven by Eyal, who revives her with an injection, gives her a Mossad file on Sana, and wishes her well as she disappears into the night.

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