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Lexington Global Consulting and Risk Management is a private security firm founded by Henry Wilcox.  The company was founded after Wilcox’s sentence was commuted and he was released from federal prison. Wilcox planned for his firm to be a next-generation intelligence agency that was not limited by government funds or bureaucracy. Wilcox was able to build up the consulting firm extremely quickly because he had funding from the private sector and contacts in government. In reality, Lexington served as a front for Henry Wilcox’s criminal enterprises. He began funding terrorist attacks in order to force companies to sign onto it firm for protection. Another illegal activity that Lexington was involved in was Stealing money from the CIA's money printing press that with meant to fund operations. The firm with also used by Henry in order to get revenge on Arthur Campbell and those closest to him. The organization was originally based in Washington DC but after Henry killed Helen Hanson he moved his operations to the Lexington Global East branch in Hong Kong.


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