Man in the Middle (#CA313)
First Aired: October 30, 2012
Writer: Alex Berger
Director: Christopher Gorham
Guest Starring:
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At Eyal's apartment, Annie receives a package under the door with information about Khalid planning to meet a newly-identified terrorist. Encouraged by her confidence that Eyal is trustworthy (and assuming that he sent it), Annie takes the information to Joan. Joan is skeptical and refuses to act on it, telling Annie to report back to the CIA farm for debriefing. Annie then goes straight to Arthur, who orders a drone strike when Annie is able to get Khalid's location from his D.C, girlfriend, Megan Carr. Arthur asks Joan about her renewed contact with Seth, but she evades an answer. Parker shows up and asks Auggie for help for her parents; while solving the problem, Auggie becomes acquainted with Operation Proper Exit. The drone strike fails in the end, with Khalid escaping and going underground, but Annie manages to save Megan from an ambush by Khalid's hit man. Annie and Joan's relationship disintegrates over the drone strike. While completing the file on the operation prior to her transfer out of DPD, Annie discovers that the photos of the terrorist had been "doctored." She bursts into Arthur's office, interrupting Joan telling Arthur about her addiction issues; Joan blames Annie for trusting Eyal.

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