Nasir was an Iraqi soldier who served as the translator for Auggie's unit in Afghanistan. In the moments after the unit had successfully completed the Jack of Diamonds mission, Nasir was responsible for planting the bomb that killed two members of Auggie's unit and blinded Auggie. Auggie later discovered (S.2, Ep 7, Half a World Away) that Nasir was actually an Iraqi terrorist whose real name was Afran Falad Khani. Since 2006, Khani had operated terrorist cells in the Middle East that targeted US soldiers and interests. Khani was the subject of an FBI investigation led by Agent Roussavi from 2008-2011. During a vacation to visit a Jazz Festival in Istanbul, Auggie overhead Khani speaking in the background of some music he was recording. Auggie was able to track Khani to a cargo plane bound for Lima. Auggie and Khani fought hand to hand on the plane, and Auggie eventually overcame Khani. Although his original intent was to kill Khani, Auggie was convinced by Annie to turn the terrorist over to the FBI in order to save thousands of lives through the information that could be obtained from him.