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No. 13 Baby (#CA413)
First Aired: October 31, 2013
Guest Starring:
Previous Episode: Something Against You
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Annie and Helen both return to DC, where Annie arranges to meet Calder. Henry asks Calder to find Jessica Matthews, the killer of CIA deep-cover agent Deric Hughes (a/k/a Goodman). Annie finds Hughes' daughter and learns of a cabin in the Virginia woods at a site she knows Henry to have visited; she goes there and takes photos of the interior but cannot get in alone. Calder leads a team to the cabin, but it explodes when they try to enter. From the photos, Auggie and Barber are able to find the key to a book cipher and read an incriminating message from Hughes to Henry on the laptop. Joan and Arthur decide to depose themselves in order to try and reveal the truth about Henry, but Arthur is dismayed when he learns that Joan had authorized Teo's torture in Medellin. Auggie asks Helen to find Annie, who is not yet communicating with him. She tries and fails to tail Calder, but then observes a meeting between Annie and Calder at Annie's gravesite. Annie detects her afterward and they talk. Helen and Auggie have sex, but they both realize that Auggie is still in love with Annie. Annie prepares to go to New York by bus to find Nelson Smith, the man who was going to transfer money to Henry. Henry tracks her to the bus terminal but Helen intercepts him there. He asserts that she is Jessica Matthews; she agrees, whereupon he shoots her. Annie gets off the bus and goes to Auggie's apartment. She knocks on the door, but does not respond when he answers. 

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