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No Quarter (#CA104)
First Aired: August 3, 2010
Writer: Stephen Hootstein
Director: Allan Kroeker
Guest Starring:
Previous Episode: South Bound Suarez
Next Episode: In The Light


When Annie's supposedly simple mission goes wrong, she finds herself stranded in Zurich, along with a Mossad Agent she's not sure if she can trust, Eyal. Auggie, too, is feeling the pressure, having to find a way to get Annie back safely and to clear his name—Arthur and Joan Campbell are investigating the leaks of CIA information, and Auggie is one of their main suspects.


"Hands Away" by Interpol. Closing song.


Main characters[]

Recurring characters[]


Trivia and References[]


- The name of this episode 'no quarter' is a reference to a military term meaning to take no prisoners.

- Toronto Pearson International Airport stands in as Zurich Airport in the beginning of the episode and Ronald Regan airport at the end.


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