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Full Name Parker Rowland
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Occupation(s): Peace Corps.
Relatives: Billy Rowland (brother,deceased)

Auggie Anderson (ex-fiancee)

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Actor: Devin Kelley

Parker Rowland was Auggie Anderson's ex-girlfriend and fiance as well as the younger sister of Auggie's friend Billy, one of the soldiers in his old unit in Iraq.


Auggie and Parker began dating in "Uberlin" with Auggie proposing early in season 3.

She accepted whilst they were on a holiday in the Red Sea. Despite this, she had no idea that he was CIA until they were later taken hostage. Instead of sticking around, she later left, leaving Auggie heart-broken.

She returns later in the season needing Auggie's help to get money for her parents from her brother's estate. He ends up telling her after he helps her that she can't come to see him again.