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Quicksand (#CA315)
First Aired: November 13, 2012
Writer: Zak Schwartz
Director: Jamie Barber
Guest Starring:
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Annie gets word that Megan has been killed in Luxembourg and impersonates Megan's sister to recover Megan's personal effects. She discovers instead that Khalid has set a trap, and with Auggie off in Iraq (participating in Operation Proper Exit) she must rely on Eyal for an escape plan to Zurich. There she and Eyal resolve to find Khalid together. With some help from Joan, they plan to identify and track a courier taking money to Khalid from his father. They discover the courier is Megan, who is killed immediately after rejecting Annie's help, but the killer leaves the money behind. Annie and Eyal return to their safe house in Zurich, but Khalid's men storm the house. Eyal allows himself to be captured so that Annie can escape. She follows Eyal's tracking device to Amsterdam, where she finds only a hidden cell phone with the tracker attached. Meanwhile, Arthur interviews Henry just before his release, and Henry admits that he was the source behind the Mossad intelligence and claims that the drone strike was a success. Arthur then learns that further Senate hearings into the drone strike have been cancelled.

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