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River Euphrates (#CA414)
First Aired: November 7, 2013
Guest Starring:
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Annie comes to Auggie with the news of Helen's murder. Auggie, distraught, asks Eric Barber to monitor Henry's house. Annie tracks down Nelson Smith, who ultimately gains the drop on her and threatens to expose her to Henry, only to have her remind him that Henry will likely have him killed once he's finished his work. Smith gives her 48 hours to stop Henry and informs her that he has been moving his money through a Brooklyn diamond dealer to Hong Kong. Joan is visited by Annie's FBI acquaintance Vincent who tells her Henry has been using CIA funds to finance his activities and laundering them through a diamond dealer in New York. Joan visits the dealership and runs into Annie, who explains to her what she's been doing. Joan calls Calder and asks him to detain Henry. Both Calder and Auggie send in teams to raid Henry's house only to find a decoy. Annie, Auggie, and Calder head to Hong Kong to find Henry once and for all. 

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