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Rock A My Soul (#CA404)
First Aired: August 6, 2013
Writer: Thania St. John
Director: Félix Alcalá
Guest Starring:
Previous Episode: Into the White
Next Episode: Here Comes Your Man


Auggie is made Joan's interim replacement as head of DPD, and his first job is to investigate the Chens, the married Chinese couple identified by Teo as terrorist financiers. Annie follows the Chens to a meeting with Henry, who offers them a graceful end to their relationship with him. Henry then meets with Annie, telling her about a gap in Auggie's pre-blindness service record. He also meets with Arthur and vows to destroy Teo in revenge for Jai's death. Auggie meets secretly with Teo, who for some reason is in DC. The Chens prepare to flee; Annie, against Auggie's orders, reveals herself and gets them to a safe house. Seeing that such conflicts are threatening their relationship, Auggie reveals that he was training Teo during that gap, and that bad intel provided by Teo led to the death of another CIA agent, Auggie's wife, Helen Hanson. The safe house is attacked, the Chens are killed, and their evidence is taken. Auggie is removed from his interim post and Calder Michaels becomes the new head of DPD.

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