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Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps) (#CA314)
First Aired: November 6, 2012
Writer: Tamara Becher
Director: Emile Levisetti
Guest Starring:
Previous Episode: Man in the Middle
Next Episode: Quicksand


The failed drone strike on Khalid produces immediate political fallout, with Arthur being called before a Senate hearing that day. Joan sends Annie home and then back to the CIA farm, but her trip is interrupted by information from Eyal that Khalid is targeting Megan. Upon arriving at Megan's safe house, Annie finds that Megan has disappeared . . . and also that she has been tailed by Eyal. She accepts his help when they learn that Khalid's enforcer Griffin Cole has apparently kidnapped Megan. Auggie's technical team concludes that Mossad faked the photo in the intelligence package, and Joan confronts Rivka, who blames the falsified information on Eyal. Annie asks Eyal, and, after she tells him what Rivka said, he admits to it, despite Annie's disbelief. During the Senate hearing, Arthur notices a possible link between the Mossad intelligence and an Israeli agricultural official. Eyal and Annie locate Cole's brother, who tells them that Cole had merely given Megan a plane ticket to meet Khalid but had never kidnapped her. After Cole captures Annie, Eyal kills him. Joan tells Arthur that she intends to take some time off and reprieves Annie from going to the CIA farm. Arthur learns that Henry Wilcox is being given immediate early release from prison and decides to visit him before his release. Auggie is asked to join the next Iraq trip of Operation Proper Exit and gives Annie his old Army blanket before leaving. Eyal meets with Rivka and tells her that he confirmed her story but, because of it, he would quit Mossad after this mission. Megan arrives at Khalid's villa and names Annie Walker as the CIA agent with whom she met.

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