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Seth Newman
Seth Newman
Full Name Seth Newman
Age Unknown
Affiliations: CIA
Occupation(s): Lawyer
Relatives: Joan Campbell (ex-girlfriend)
Status: Deceased
Actor: Tim Griffin

Seth Newman was  a former CIA field operative turned lawyer who happened to share a past with Joan Campbell. Seth worked  as a lawyer in the CIA's Office of the Inspector General. He first appeared briefly in  Rock 'n' Roll Suicide, in Season 3. In season 4 it was learned that he was Henry Wilcox 's mole in CIA. He was  apparently killed by Annie Walker.


Rock 'n' Roll Suicide[]

Seth makes his first (minor) appearance in this episode when he comes in to ask Joan how she's holding up with Annie in the hospital and Lena dead.

Wishful Beginnings[]

Man in the Middle[]

Dig For Fire[]

In this episode Seth is revealed to be a mole in the CIA working for Henry Wilcox. He tries to kill Annie Walker when she gets too close to the truth. Annie, though wounded, manages to fight him off. However, in the course of the fight he is pushed off the bridge by Annie, lands in the water and apparently dies by drowning.  The CIA searches for his body to no avail.

Into The White[]

Seth's body is found in this episode and he is confirmed dead.

Space (I Believe In)[]