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Shady Lane (#CA501)
First Aired: June 24, 2014
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The Season 5 opener finds Annie and Auggie thinking about the future just as a connection from the past resurfaces and leads Annie on a race against time to prevent a terrorist attack on U.S. soil. Elsewhere, tension mounts between Calder and Joan as they wait to see who will become the new boss; and Arthur thinks about a career in the private sector.

Full Recap[]

  • Annie returns to the US, meets Auggie, and takes a polygraph in order to return to the CIA. Auggie remarks she's different than before.
  • Khaleed Ansari appears in Chicago. Annie works with Schinderman at the Chicago facility to interrogate him, but it doesn't work out. Ansari is shot by a sniper. However, via Saudia Arabian contacts, the trail leads to Borz Altan, a Crimean-American in Chicago with Muslim ties and who briefly worked for McQuaid. Borz also has two siblings, Oksana and Mykola.
  • Annie meets with Borz under false pretenses and attempts to follow him, but abandons the pursuit due to an incapacitating migraine. She instead decides to meet with McQuaid to ask for more info.
  • The Deputy DCI informs Joan that she will return to the DPD; Calder will remain as head of DCS, to their mutual surprise. Calder has a girlfriend.
  • Annie decides to ask Auggie for an APB on Altan's car, a Mustang. It shows up with a dead body, a worker at the Chicago Board of Trade stock exchange, indicating their likely target. Joan suggests to Calder that Annie and Schinderman should quietly enter the CBOT building and search for the Altans or other attackers, to which he agrees.
  • The response team detains Mykola Altan, and while returning to the CIA Chicago facility Oksana suddenly appears outside. While Annie confronts her outside, an IED implanted inside Mykola explodes, killing everyone present. Oksana draws a gun on Annie, leading her to shoot Oksana. It is revealed Altan knew CIA procedure all along and intentionally used it for maximum effect against the Chicago facility.
  • Joan and Arthur are raising their baby; Arthur is courted by McQuaid for a job, and eventually agrees to work for him.


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