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Something Against You (#CA412)
First Aired: October 24, 2013
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Annie and Sana return to Goodman's hotel room where Annie finds a laptop and flash drive in a safe. She cannot break into the laptop without help, but the flash drive contains "evidence" linking Sana's fiance David to the helicopter attack. Without consulting Sana, Annie launches her plot against Henry by planting the evidence on David's computer, whereupon he is taken away for questioning by Interpol. Annie then gets an angry Sana to beg Henry to come to Geneva, where she interrupts their meeting by texting Henry on Goodman's phone. As Goodman, she extorts a large sum of money from Henry, in the hope of identifying his financial network. But just as Henry is about to transfer the money, he learns that Goodman is dead. He finds and confronts Sana (while Annie hides and observes), threatening her and also saying that he will find and kill the "Jessica Matthews" who led her to betray him. Sana then breaks off cooperation with Annie, saying that she has become a monster like Henry. In Washington, Joan notices Auggie talking to Calder in the building (to advance their plot to split Henry and Braithwaite) and she confronts him, but he does not reveal that Annie is alive. Arthur and Joan send Helen to Geneva to find out more about Henry. She visits Auggie before leaving, saying she still loves him. In Geneva, she follows Henry to his last meeting with Sana and afterward observes Annie leaving. 

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