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Space (I Believe In) (#CA406)
First Aired: August 20, 2013
Writer: Zak Schwartz
Director: Nick Copus
Guest Starring:
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Joan appoints Annie as CIA liaison to the FBI investigation of Seth's death, in the hope that she can tie Seth to Henry. It is led by Vincent, an FBI man Annie has clashed with in the past. He quickly deduces that Seth was killed in a fight (by an assailant he will soon be able to identify by DNA testing) and that the CIA cleaned his apartment, but Annie is able to steal the flash drive that was in his jacket, replacing it with one prepared by Auggie. Henry offers Annie a full-time job with his new consulting company. He then sets a plan in motion to save Annie from charges: A credit card hit leads Vincent to a drug dealer, who is killed in a fight when Vincent visits his apartment. After a conversation with Henry, Vincent announces that the DNA found on Seth was the drug dealer's, and the case is closed. Henry then meets with Annie and makes his "final offer" of a job. When she refuses, he threatens her and tells her that Auggie's ex-lover Helen is not dead as Auggie had claimed.

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