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Speed of Life (#CA304)
First Aired: July 31, 2012
Writer: Erica Shelton
Director: Michael Smith
Guest Starring:
Previous Episode: The Last Thing You Should Do
Next Episode: This Is Not America


In Reston, Virginia, RDI, which houses defense contracts, is broken into by a burglar with links to Simon. Annie discusses their options with Lena. Later Simon calls to say he is in Washington, D.C. and suggests staying at her place. Lena scrambles to come up with a fake residence for Annie. Annie learns that several government agencies will monitor a meeting between the RDI burglar and his contact. Believing the contact to be Simon, Lena insists on Annie dissuading him from making the exchange, fearing his arrest will ruin their entire operation. Annie cannot convince him but the planned meeting is another ruse by Simon, who meets elsewhere with an RDI security guard. Because it is thought her cover is blown, Annie is transferred back to Joan's department. However, Simon later pulls up to Annie, admits that he likes her, and she gets into his car. Meanwhile, newly-engaged Parker struggles with Auggie being a CIA agent and questions their past, which results in her breaking off their engagement. Later, Auggie gets drunk at Allen's, and gets into a fight, breaking a bottle over a man's head. He is arrested at the end of the episode.

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Main Cast[]

Recurring characters and Guest Cast[]

  • Richard Coyle as Simon Fischer
  • Sarah Clarke as Lena Smith
  • Devin Kelley as Parker Rowland
  • Noam Jenkins as Vincent Rossabi
  • David Patrick Green as Polygrapher
  • James Lafazanos as Mike O'Leary
  • Scott Gorman as Security Guard
  • Omar Habib as Doorman
  • Troy Blundell as Clark
  • Carolina Bartczak as Debra