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The Last Thing You Should Do (#CA303)
First Aired: July 24, 2012
Writer: Norman Morrill
Director: Félix Alcalá
Guest Starring:
Previous Episode: Sound and Vision
Next Episode: Speed of Life


Auggie proposes to Parker while they visit the Red Sea. One of her Peace Corps friends gets injured and a distress call is made, which Auggie knows is a bad idea. Pirates soon arrive and Auggie is able to call Annie before the phone is taken. Joan is forced to team up with Annie and Lena to rescue Auggie. While in captivity, Auggie admits to Parker that he is a CIA agent and she, momentarily, does not trust him. Meanwhile, after a rescue attempt fails, the pirates make plans to move their hostages. Auggie knows they must make an escape in transit. He is able to call Annie and she sends a helicopter to aid the escape. Auggie again proposes to Parker and she accepts. During the mission, Simon calls Annie on her NOC line and ask if she has his phone charger. He asks her to bring it to him in Paris. Later, Annie tells Lena that they can use this charger to track him. Danielle tells Annie that her husband wants to make their marriage work and that they are moving to California.

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