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There Goes My Gun (#CA415)
First Aired: November 14, 2013
Writer: Tamara Becher
Zak Schwartz
Director: Stephen Kay
Guest Starring:
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In Hong Kong, Annie and Calder track the courier carrying Henry's diamonds but lose him in a crowd just before he passes them off and is then killed by a passing car. Annie goes to the Hong Kong police as a bystander to see their surveillance tapes, and determines that the recipient of the diamond was Oliver Lee, an official of the Chinese Ministry of State Security. They grab Lee and offer to let him keep the diamonds if he helps them catch Henry. Henry foils their attempt to capture him when he meets with Lee, and Annie finally allows herself to be captured in order to give Auggie and Calder time to escape and take Lee to the US in their plane. (Henry is bemused to learn that she is still alive.) Auggie, however, decides at the last minute to remain in Hong Kong. Meanwhile, in DC, Arthur's lawyer Bianca urges him to take a plea bargain, and he determines that she is in league with Henry. When he confronts her at her stables, an assassin arrives and both kills Bianca and stabs Arthur before being killed by Arthur. Arthur is barely able to warn Joan, who kills another assassin sent to their house. 

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Recurring characters[]

  • Gregory Itzin as Henry Wilcox
  • Zuleikha Robinson as Bianca Manning