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Trompe Le Monde (#CA416)
First Aired: November 21, 2013
Writer: Tamara Becher
Zak Schwartz
Director: Stephen Kay
Guest Starring:
Previous Episode: There Goes My Gun
Next Episode: Shady Lane


Henry takes Annie to his Hong Kong business office. Auggie obtains help at the US consulate, but before his team can assault Henry's office, another strike team does so. Henry escapes in the confusion and takes Annie to a safe house known to the MSS. An MSS agent soon arrives and Henry trades Annie to him for the promise of asylum and protection. He leaves and the agent prepares to interrogate Annie with drugs, but she overpowers him and his companion, extracting at gunpoint the fact that Henry is headed for the train station to escape to Beijing. Auggie creates a traffic jam, forcing Henry to walk where Annie is able to find him in an alley and shoot him. He is dead. In DC, Calder determines that Braithwaite ordered the attack on the office to kill Henry before he could reveal the extent of their cooperation; Braithwaite dies by hanging himself in his office. Calder is made interim DCS and arranges to get Annie out of Hong Kong. On her way out, she talks to Joan and a recovering Arthur, who have just become proud parents of a baby boy. 

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  • Henry Wilcox is killed in this episode.
  • Joan and Arthur had their baby Mckenzie Campbell.