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First Aired: November 8, 2011
Writer: Erica Shelton
Director: Jonathan Glassner
Guest Starring: Nina Kronjager
Previous Episode: The Wake Up Bomb
Next Episode: A Girl Like You


While on assignment in Berlin, Annie tries to turn a former Stasi agent and money launderer's wife into a CIA asset while tracking down her husband and simultaneously keeping tabs on Arthur, who meets with his old flame.


Main characters[]

Recurring characters and Guest Cast[]

  • Devin Kelley as Parker Rowland
  • Nina Kronjäger as Elsa von Hagen
  • Urs Remond as Isaak von Hagen
  • Jason Michaels as Miles
  • Walter Masko as Isaak's Associate
  • Jamie Jones as Motorcycle Cop
  • Ron Johnston as Musician #2 Bassist
  • John Marmora as Musician #1 Guitarist
  • Alain Patryas Musician #3 Drumme
  • Ian Matthews as Karl Schmidt