Wishful Beginnings (#CA312)
First Aired: October 23, 2012
Writer: Julia Ruchman
Director: Tawnia McKiernan
Guest Starring:
Previous Episode: Rock 'n' Roll Suicide
Next Episode: Man in the Middle


Back from Russia, Annie is scheduled to be debriefed at the CIA's Bluebonnet farm but is unexpectedly recalled to Langley. Eyal and his Mossad superior Rivka Singer (Tovah Feldshuh) arrive in Washington to ask the CIA's help in obtaining a watch that contains information from a Saudi businessman, Khalid Ansari, with connections high in the US government. Joan assigns Annie to work with them, but tells her not to share the information from the watch with Mossad if she gets it. Eyal and Annie find the Mossad asset (a flight attendant) who had the watch, but she dies, having been poisoned by a rogue former CIA agent now working for Khalid. They discover that she had earlier buried a key to a safe-deposit box. Annie impersonates the asset to recover the watch, but the former agent ambushes her and takes the box that contained the watch. The man escapes Annie and Eyal, but Annie reveals that she had actually hidden the watch on her wrist while accessing the safe deposit box. Despite Joan's orders, Annie gives a copy of the information on the watch to Eyal. When Annie cannot stay in her home due to the memories of being shot by Lena, Eyal offers her his Washington apartment. Later, Eyal and Rivka discuss a larger Mossad operation in which Annie is apparently a target, but Eyal conceals Annie's new whereabouts from Rivka. Meanwhile, Joan had fallen back into an addiction to prescription drugs and resumes attending support group meetings with her former lover Seth, a State Department lawyer.

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